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Teen killed, others injured in fatal truck accident

Rainy conditions may have played a role in a recent fatal crash on a California highway. The fatal truck accident followed several other collisions, which had rendered multiple vehicles disabled and stuck on the roadway. However, the existence of prior accidents and rainy weather conditions does not erase any potential negligence exercised by the truck driver.

Truck accidents: Popular taco truck hit from behind

Multiple people were injured in a recent tractor-trailer accident on a California highway. The collision involved both personal and commercial vehicles, including the 18-wheeler operated by the driver who apparently caused the accident, and a popular local taco truck. At least one person was seriously injured, which is not uncommon for truck accidents involving big rigs. 

Family of Melyssa Ford warn of dangers of truck accidents

All it takes is a second for tragedy to strike. This was apparently the case for reality TV star Melyssa Ford, who was recently injured in a devastating accident with an 18-wheleer. Truck accidents are no small matter, and her family chose to release images of the wreck and its aftermath to help other people in California understand just how dangerous they can be.

Truck accidents are deadly for passenger vehicle occupants

Large trucks such as 18-wheelers are a common feature of California highways, and they are not going anywhere anytime soon. Although these trucks serve an important purpose in the moving and transporting of goods, they can also be quite dangerous. Truck accidents can be deadly, and many large trucks are manned by overworked drivers.


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