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Motor vehicle accidents: 4 adults, 2 dogs killed at red light

According to California police, a recent fatal collision may have been the result of someone running a red light. All four people involved in the accident were killed, including the driver accused of running the light. Two dogs were also killed. Although families often feel hopeless after these types of motor vehicle accidents, it is usually possible to still seek compensation for wrongful deaths.

Getting the help you need after a motor vehicle accident

Being injured through no fault of your own is extremely distressing. On top of dealing with the physical pain of your injury, you might also need to take time off work to recover. Coupled with related medical bills and missed paychecks, your situation may feel out of your control. Whether injured in a motor vehicle accident, on another person's property or through any number of situations, you can get the help you need.

Motor vehicle accidents: 1 killed by reckless driver

A California man was killed in a recent accident. The driver accused of causing the wreck was also injured in the collision and will be released into police custody following treatment as he is facing multiple criminal charges. This could be important for the victim's family if they choose to pursue a wrongful death claim, which is not uncommon after these types of fatal motor vehicle accidents.

Fatal motor vehicle accidents more likely with certain vehicles

California drivers generally understand the importance of practicing defensive driving. This involves wearing seat belts, adhering to the posted speed limit and keeping an eye out for reckless drivers. Unfortunately, even the safest drivers cannot prevent motor vehicle accidents through defensive behavior. In many cases, there is nothing that can stop a negligent driver. There are even factors that might exacerbate a driver's poor behavior behind the wheel.

Motor vehicle accidents: 8 injured in pedestrian collision

Eight people were injured in a recent pedestrian accident in California. Police have since arrested and charged the driver with eight counts for attempted murder because they believe the collision was intentional. These types of motor vehicle accidents can be especially difficult for victims to recover from emotionally, not to mention the physical and financial damages most have to deal with as well.

Whiplash common outcome of motor vehicle accidents

Most people in California associate severe injuries such as broken bones and obvious signs of trauma with serious car accidents. While these are very real risks associated with motor vehicle accidents, some injuries are less obvious and harder to diagnose. For individuals who were recently involved in a car accident, here are some symptoms that are associated with whiplash.

Victims of motor vehicle accidents deserve help

You probably never expected to be injured in an accident. The sad reality is that many unsuspecting people in California suffer serious injuries  in motor vehicle accidents, truck collisions and more. Like other victims, you might be wondering how you will pay your medical bills and deal with other economic damages, like lost income from taking time off work. While the situation might feel hopeless, you have options.

Several injured in California motor vehicle accident

California police believe that the driver who apparently caused a multi-vehicle accident was under the influence of illicit drugs. They charged the driver with a felony DUI, although toxicology reports have yet to determine whether this was the case. In total, seven vehicles were involved in the motor vehicle accident, which resulted in several injuries.

Motor vehicle accidents common at site of fatal collision

A California community and family is mourning the loss of an area police officer. The officer suffered fatal injuries in a head-on collision, which authorities are still investigating. It is not uncommon for investigations into motor vehicle accidents to take quite some time to complete, and some families choose to pursue wrongful death suits while that process is still ongoing.

Injuries, trauma common after motor vehicle accidents

California police are still investigating the cause of a wreck that sent three people to the hospital. Although it is often clear who the negligent driver is in these types of motor vehicle accidents, police sometimes need extra time to determine exactly who was at fault. However, even if police are still uncertain in their investigations, victims who understand that they were wrongfully harmed can begin working on recovering necessary compensation.


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