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Injuries, trauma common after motor vehicle accidents

California police are still investigating the cause of a wreck that sent three people to the hospital. Although it is often clear who the negligent driver is in these types of motor vehicle accidents, police sometimes need extra time to determine exactly who was at fault. However, even if police are still uncertain in their investigations, victims who understand that they were wrongfully harmed can begin working on recovering necessary compensation.

Motor vehicle accidents: 3 dead in head-on collision

California police believe that alcohol was more than likely a factor in a recent deadly collision. The head-on crash left three people dead and another two seriously hurt. These types of motor vehicle accidents are often devastating for both surviving victims and the families of those who lost their lives, but most people have options for seeking justice.

2 dead in multi motor vehicle accident

A multi-vehicle wreck left two people dead, and one other person suffered minor injuries. California police are still investigating the motor vehicle accident, but currently believe that it was caused by a tour bus. There were no passengers on the bus at the time of the wreck.

Bus apparently sparks chain of motor vehicle accidents

California police are still investigating an accident that sent 25 people to the hospital and blocked traffic for a period of time. Over 40 victims were initially evaluated by emergency responders, many of whom had been passengers on a bus. Motor vehicle accidents involving large trucks or buses tend to be severe, and at least five of those injured in this wreck were listed in serious condition. 

Motor vehicle accidents: Toddler survives fatal wreck

Two adults were killed and a young child was seriously injured in a fatal, head-on collision. Police are still investigating the accident, and it is possible that the driver believed responsible might have been under the influence of alcohol, drugs or both at the time of the wreck. Aside from the child, the allegedly negligent driver was the only other person who survived the collision. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily uncommon for these types of motor vehicle accidents.

Multiple motor vehicle accidents blamed on YouTuber

California police say that a YouTube star was recently involved in two separate car wrecks, the second of which was deadly. Speed was believed to be a factor in the second collision, although it is possible that there were also other contributing factors. Authorities are still investigating both of the motor vehicle accidents. 

Motor vehicle accidents: 1 dead, several others injured in wreck

Multiple people were injured and one woman was killed after an accident on a California interstate. Authorities arrested the man they say caused the wreck and charged him with DUI, although it is not clear if he was one of the injured. These types of motor vehicle accidents are usually avoidable, which can make their outcome feel that much more tragic. 

You have options after deadly motor vehicle accidents

Two people are dead following a devastating fatal accident. Both a California police officer and an SUV driver were killed in the wreck, and the man believed to have caused the collision was injured and is apparently cooperating with police. Although the driver has not been arrested, criminal charges are not uncommon in these types of motor vehicle accidents. 

Fatal motor vehicle accidents: Claims when at-fault driver dies

Only one person survived a recent accident that killed two people. California police believe that alcohol may have been a factor in the wreck. Motor vehicle accidents that involve alcohol are usually avoidable, which can make the aftermath even more devastating for victims and family members. 

Drunk driving increases chances of fatal motor vehicle accidents

For California drivers who always wear their seatbelt, keep their phones out of reach and adhere to the speed limit, it can feel infuriating to be at the mercy of negligent drivers. Drunk drivers in particular pose a serious threat to other people on the road. People driving under the influence of alcohol are not only more likely to cause motor vehicle accidents, but accidents with high risks of death.


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