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August 2019 Archives

Motor vehicle accidents: 4 adults, 2 dogs killed at red light

According to California police, a recent fatal collision may have been the result of someone running a red light. All four people involved in the accident were killed, including the driver accused of running the light. Two dogs were also killed. Although families often feel hopeless after these types of motor vehicle accidents, it is usually possible to still seek compensation for wrongful deaths.

Can you pass the means test for California Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

To many people, bankruptcy seems like a strange, confusing process. They likely don't know much about how it works, other than the fact that it can help people to deal with their debts. One of the first things you will learn about bankruptcy is that there are two primary forms used by individuals with unsustainable levels of unsecured debt.

Baby boomers increasingly turning to Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Every generation has its own series of hurdles to jump. For California baby boomers, one of the biggest current hurdles seems to be too much debt, and not many people can get past it. Boomers are filing for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy at the highest rate in five years, and there may not be much that anyone can do about the situation.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy could even help wealthy millennials

The American dream usually involves putting some money away, creating a secure financial base and even buying a home. However, that dream feels out of reach for a large number of millennials in California. Struggling under significant amounts of debt while dealing with the affordability crisis, even the wealthiest individuals in this generation believe that getting out of debt is simply impossible. However, they may not have considered whether Chapter 13 bankruptcy could help their situations.


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