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Truck accidents: Lifeguards run over child

The summer holiday is the perfect time to hit the beach, and people often travel significant distances in order to enjoy the beautiful beaches that California has to offer. Most people are aware of the possible dangers of spending time at the beach and keep an eye out for dangerous sea creatures or thieves who might target their personal items. However, few beachgoers -- if any -- expect to see truck accidents so close to the ocean. This was the terrifying reality that one family recently faced.

At the time of the accident, two lifeguards were responding to multiple reports that a swimmer had been caught up in a riptide. The pair were traveling along the beach in a lifeguard truck on the sand. Lifeguards at the beach usually set up cones that outline the path that trucks should take, but investigators are not sure if those cones had already been removed because the beach was closing soon. Either way, the driver of the truck apparently did not see the 4-year-old child who was digging in the sand.

The driver ran over the young girl with the truck, and both the driver and the passenger reported that they noticed something go underneath the vehicle. They then stopped, exited the vehicle and provided assistance to the young child before emergency responders transported her to a nearby children's hospital. Her condition was not disclosed, but she is reportedly recovering from her injuries and is expected to survive.

For California parents, there are few things that could be worse than seeing their children injured in truck accidents. A child in such a situation not only has physical injuries, but parents often have to address the financial and emotional components of recovery. Personal injury lawsuits can be especially helpful for these parents. When successfully pursued to completion, these claims can achieve necessary legal recourse for physical, emotional and financial damages.

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