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Getting the help you need after a motor vehicle accident

Being injured through no fault of your own is extremely distressing. On top of dealing with the physical pain of your injury, you might also need to take time off work to recover. Coupled with related medical bills and missed paychecks, your situation may feel out of your control. Whether injured in a motor vehicle accident, on another person's property or through any number of situations, you can get the help you need.

If another person was negligent or otherwise responsible for causing your injury, he or she could be held responsible for compensation. In California, this compensation is usually achieved through civil litigation. The negligent party does not have to be criminally charged for you to pursue your claim, as civil suits are not based on criminal behavior. Evidence of a person's careless or reckless behavior is generally enough to demonstrate negligence.

Most people associate personal injury claims with car accidents. However, injuries caused by another person can be the result of many different kinds of accidents. Here are just a few examples:

  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Defective or unsafe products
  • Job site injuries unrelated to workers' compensation
  • Dangerous or unsafe properties

Your health and well-being is important, and you deserve help to handle problems related to your injuries, including both financial and emotional damages. Unfortunately, demonstrating the other person's negligence in a motor vehicle accident is not always easy, and neither is navigating California state law. Individualized guidance may help you achieve the most favorable outcome for your situation. You can read more about your options for these types of claims on our website.

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