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Getting the right compensation after truck accidents

California shoppers might take for granted how their favorite consumer goods show up in their local stores. Every day, commercial trucks make their way across interstates all over the United States, carrying those products. Those semi-trucks might be important for getting products to where they need to be, but they are also extremely dangerous. Truck accidents can cause serious damage and, in many cases, can even be fatal.

In general, accidents between smaller passenger vehicles and large commercial trucks are much more catastrophic than accidents between two passenger vehicles. The reason is simple -- 18-wheelers are bigger and heavier. When fully loaded, an semi can weigh over 25 times as much as the average car.

So who is responsible for a victim's serious injury or even death in a truck accident? Victims and/or their surviving family members may be able to hold more than one party accountable. Aside from the driver of the truck who may have been acting negligently, the trucking company could also be responsible. Just like drivers, trucking companies have a legal duty to practice a reasonable level of care to prevent accidents and injuries. If a company failed to perform regular vehicle maintenance or did not provide adequate training its employees, it could be held legally responsible.

Victims are often surprised to learn that they can name more than just the truck driver in their personal injury suits. Truck accidents often cause severe and catastrophic injuries, so it is important to name a number of potential defendants. This can help California victims and their families successfully achieve the compensation needed for addressing the emotional and financial damages of a severe injury or loss of a loved one.

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