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Fatal motor vehicle accidents more likely with certain vehicles

California drivers generally understand the importance of practicing defensive driving. This involves wearing seat belts, adhering to the posted speed limit and keeping an eye out for reckless drivers. Unfortunately, even the safest drivers cannot prevent motor vehicle accidents through defensive behavior. In many cases, there is nothing that can stop a negligent driver. There are even factors that might exacerbate a driver's poor behavior behind the wheel.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 37,000 motor vehicle accident fatalities in 2017. However, not all vehicles shoulder the responsibility for these deaths equally. The drivers of certain makes and models of vehicles are actually more likely to cause fatal accidents than others.

Drivers of sports cars have the highest risk of causing a fatal wreck. These drivers cause 4.6 fatalities for every billion miles traveled, which is approximately double that of the average for all motor vehicles. Sports cars are designed with acceleration and speed in mind, which is not a safe combination for roadway travel. Subcompact cars are also involved in lots of fatal accidents -- 4.5 per billion miles -- because they offer fewer protections than larger motor vehicles.

Although some cars are more likely to be involved in fatal motor vehicle accidents, there is nothing stopping the driver of any vehicle from acting negligently. Those negligent drivers can cause serious and irreparable harm to California families who have to live through the sudden loss of a loved one. While no amount of money could ever replace a lost family member, compensation recovered through a wrongful death lawsuit can help families address the serious financial damages associated with these wrecks.

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