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May 2019 Archives

Getting the right compensation after truck accidents

California shoppers might take for granted how their favorite consumer goods show up in their local stores. Every day, commercial trucks make their way across interstates all over the United States, carrying those products. Those semi-trucks might be important for getting products to where they need to be, but they are also extremely dangerous. Truck accidents can cause serious damage and, in many cases, can even be fatal.

Fatal motor vehicle accidents more likely with certain vehicles

California drivers generally understand the importance of practicing defensive driving. This involves wearing seat belts, adhering to the posted speed limit and keeping an eye out for reckless drivers. Unfortunately, even the safest drivers cannot prevent motor vehicle accidents through defensive behavior. In many cases, there is nothing that can stop a negligent driver. There are even factors that might exacerbate a driver's poor behavior behind the wheel.

Will Chapter 7 bankruptcy go up after new debt collections rules?

If getting out of debt was easy, far more people in California would be doing it. Unfortunately, while getting into debt can happen faster than most people realize, paying off that debt can become next to impossible for some people. These efforts are often further complicated by collection efforts, especially if recently proposed rules are put into place. What some people may not realize is that Chapter 7 bankruptcy can effectively stop harassing creditors from contacting them.

Should I choose Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Before people in California file for bankruptcy they have usually spent a significant amount of time weighing their various options. While bankruptcy can be a necessary financial lifeline, figuring out which form to pursue can be confusing. Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy are the two main forms of personal bankruptcy, and here are a few key points about each.

Motor vehicle accidents: 8 injured in pedestrian collision

Eight people were injured in a recent pedestrian accident in California. Police have since arrested and charged the driver with eight counts for attempted murder because they believe the collision was intentional. These types of motor vehicle accidents can be especially difficult for victims to recover from emotionally, not to mention the physical and financial damages most have to deal with as well.


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