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Whiplash common outcome of motor vehicle accidents

Most people in California associate severe injuries such as broken bones and obvious signs of trauma with serious car accidents. While these are very real risks associated with motor vehicle accidents, some injuries are less obvious and harder to diagnose. For individuals who were recently involved in a car accident, here are some symptoms that are associated with whiplash.

Soft tissue injuries are common in car accidents, and whiplash is the most common type of this injury. Whiplash occurs when a person's head violently snaps back and then forward. While virtually anyone involved in an accident can suffer a whiplash injury, drivers and passengers who are rear-ended by other vehicles are the most frequent victims. Largely due to negative connotations that have developed over the years, this injury is also referred to less and less frequently as whiplash. Instead, terms like cervical strain, cervical sprain and hyperextension injury are used more often.

Victims suffering from whiplash may not even realize they were injured until the day after the wreck. Symptoms include neck stiffness, dull or aching neck pain, dizziness, balance problems, headaches, back pain and more. Some victims report having trouble focusing or struggling with memories. Anyone suffering these symptoms after a car accident should be sure to seek prompt medical attention. Whiplash can range in severity, and some people might even need surgery to address ligament or muscle damage.

Despite how popular media often portrays whiplash, it is a serious injury that requires treatment from experienced medical professionals. This treatment can be costly, leaving victims with hefty medical bills and even lost wages for time they have to take off for doctor visits. This is why successfully pursued personal injury lawsuits can be so important for victims of motor vehicle accidents in California, as compensation from these claims can address the associated financial, physical and emotional damages.

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