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Injuries, trauma common after motor vehicle accidents

California police are still investigating the cause of a wreck that sent three people to the hospital. Although it is often clear who the negligent driver is in these types of motor vehicle accidents, police sometimes need extra time to determine exactly who was at fault. However, even if police are still uncertain in their investigations, victims who understand that they were wrongfully harmed can begin working on recovering necessary compensation.

The recent two-vehicle caused a power outage in the area where it occurred. According to authorities, a pickup truck and SUV collided with one another at approximately 6:20 p.m., although the reasons why are still unclear. A witness to the wreck was out walking her dog at the time and says she narrowly avoided being struck by one of the vehicles.

One of the vehicles took out both a power line pole and the wall of a nearby apartment. The 87-year-old man in the apartment at the time was not injured, but says he saw lots of lights and sparking just outside before the vehicle slammed into the apartment. Emergency responders had to wait until utility personnel confirmed that the lines surrounding the vehicles were without power before rescuing the three injured parties, all of whom they transported to an area hospital for treatment.

These types of motor vehicle accidents not only cause serious physical injuries, but they often victims with long-lasting emotional scars. Personal injury claims can help address these and other types of damages. Whether dealing with ongoing pain and suffering, emotional trauma, medical bills or lost wages, a successfully pursued lawsuit can help California victims achieve compensation necessary for recovery.

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