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February 2019 Archives

Can Chapter 7 bankruptcy help with high debt-to-income ratios?

Credit cards are a convenient way to help bridge the gap between expenses and income. Unfortunately, these handy cards also make it incredibly easy to get into debt. While anyone of any age in California can find themselves in need of debt relief through Chapter 7 bankruptcy, some people could be have more of a need than others.

Motor vehicle accidents common at site of fatal collision

A California community and family is mourning the loss of an area police officer. The officer suffered fatal injuries in a head-on collision, which authorities are still investigating. It is not uncommon for investigations into motor vehicle accidents to take quite some time to complete, and some families choose to pursue wrongful death suits while that process is still ongoing.

When should you decide to file bankruptcy?

Suffering from debt can be extremely stressful. However, filing bankruptcy may seem scary and intimidating. You may have heard rumors about it that concern you. Fortunately, filing bankruptcy is not scary or intimidating. In fact, many people get a fresh start by filing for bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy debt: Consumer debt hits record high

Getting ahead in life often feels impossible. California consumers tend to grow frustrated when faced with the limitations of their own finances during certain times of the year, particularly those that involve traditions centered around shopping. As data from the 2018 holiday shopping season rolls in, it is possible that some consumers might need to consider the benefits of pursuing Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Injuries, trauma common after motor vehicle accidents

California police are still investigating the cause of a wreck that sent three people to the hospital. Although it is often clear who the negligent driver is in these types of motor vehicle accidents, police sometimes need extra time to determine exactly who was at fault. However, even if police are still uncertain in their investigations, victims who understand that they were wrongfully harmed can begin working on recovering necessary compensation.


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