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December 2018 Archives

The role of fatigue in truck accidents

Many long-haul drivers would say that fatigue simply comes with the job. Sitting behind the wheel for hours a day can be more exhausting than people think, and then there is the possibility that a truck driver does not get good sleep or enough sleep when not behind the wheel. For these and other reasons, fatigue tends to play a role in many truck accidents whether they occur here in California or elsewhere.

What is an automatic stay? Can it help stop collection calls?

Have you found yourself sitting at the kitchen table looking over bill after bill while hoping your phone does not ring since it is most likely a collection call? To add to your frustration, you know that you have very little in your bank account to pay the bills and penalties and fees for being late continue to add to your debt.

Will Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings rise with credit card balances?

Avoiding credit card debt is often easier said than done. Whether a California consumer racked up a bill because of a medical emergency, an unexpected bill, regular spending or any other number of situations, paying a large balance off can be difficult. With the average household credit card debt on the rise, Chapter 7 bankruptcy might be the best option for those who are struggling.

USA Gymnastics pursues Chapter 11 bankruptcy

USA Gymnastics apparently struggled financially after a web of corruption and abuse hit California headlines in 2016. The sports organization recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which will allow it to restructure. It has recently been hit with many lawsuits from former gymnasts, but it claims that this filing will not affect any of the women's claims.

Teen killed, others injured in fatal truck accident

Rainy conditions may have played a role in a recent fatal crash on a California highway. The fatal truck accident followed several other collisions, which had rendered multiple vehicles disabled and stuck on the roadway. However, the existence of prior accidents and rainy weather conditions does not erase any potential negligence exercised by the truck driver.


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