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When medical debt is too much, consider Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Advanced medical care is truly a triumph of the technological age. Unfortunately, many of those advances have come with a hefty price tag. California patients often receive hefty bills after seeking treatment for serious medical issues, leaving many wondering if Chapter 7 bankruptcy could help them handle lingering medical debt.

The problem of overwhelming medical debt is so widespread and ubiquitous that one out-of-state news agency recently purchased and paid off $1.4 million worth of medical bills. For those struggling with harassing creditors and past due notices, the news of suddenly having their debt wiped free will likely come as an enormous relief. Unfortunately, it is not this easy for everyone.

Ten years ago, a woman was diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer. With treatment she was able to overcome the disease, but she is still living with at least one side effect -- medical bills. She lost track of how much she originally owed, but knowing how much more she has to pay has her reconsidering whether she would have sought the life-saving treatment in the first place.

No one should have to choose between seeking necessary medical treatment or living a financially stable life, but people across California are still faced with this difficult decision each and every day. The problem is not isolated to certain communities or those without insurance, either, and people from all walks of life can suddenly fall behind on their bills for a variety of reasons. Chapter 7 bankruptcy may provide a smart alternative to fighting with creditors or hiding those constant notices for past due bills, as a successful filing can discharge eligible debt.

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