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October 2018 Archives

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is easier than donating a kidney

When debt reaches a certain point, it can become an all-consuming concern, penetrating every aspect of a person's life. This can make some people in California feel desperate and willing to try virtually anything to free themselves from past-due notices and harassing creditors. However, consumers have options that do not require drastic measures. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often quite effective at discharging debt.

Bus apparently sparks chain of motor vehicle accidents

California police are still investigating an accident that sent 25 people to the hospital and blocked traffic for a period of time. Over 40 victims were initially evaluated by emergency responders, many of whom had been passengers on a bus. Motor vehicle accidents involving large trucks or buses tend to be severe, and at least five of those injured in this wreck were listed in serious condition. 

The automatic stay: Can it save you?

There are countless worries that come along with excessive and unrelenting debt. Being in debt can put extreme amounts of stress on a family and you may feel like there is nothing that can save you. Fortunately, filing for bankruptcy is a solution that can help you in more than a few ways.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing made by Mattress Firm

Since 2017, over two dozen U.S. retailers have filed bankruptcy. Now, Mattress Firm joins their ranks. The brick-and-mortar mattress retailer is pursuing Chapter 11 bankruptcy and plans to close hundreds of stores across the nation, and some California locations are likely to be affected. 

Even with insurance, medical debt can cause Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Maintaining health insurance coverage is important for covering the high costs associated with seeking medical treatment. Unfortunately, insurance does not cover everything, and in many instances it may cover even less than what most people in California expect. This is why even those who have health insurance sometimes still turn to Chapter 7 bankruptcy to handle overwhelming medical debts. 

Motor vehicle accidents: Toddler survives fatal wreck

Two adults were killed and a young child was seriously injured in a fatal, head-on collision. Police are still investigating the accident, and it is possible that the driver believed responsible might have been under the influence of alcohol, drugs or both at the time of the wreck. Aside from the child, the allegedly negligent driver was the only other person who survived the collision. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily uncommon for these types of motor vehicle accidents.


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