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September 2018 Archives

Will millennials need to turn to Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Unlike in decades past, young adults now typically carry significant amounts of debt. Millennials in particular seem to be struggling under these massive debt loads. Although California millennials may actually fare slightly better than elsewhere in the nation, some may still benefit from debt relief through Chapter 7 bankruptcy. 

Rebuilding credit after a bankruptcy filing

Too many misconceptions exist regarding life during and after a bankruptcy filing. Deciding to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is not the end of your financial health and wellness. On the contrary, bankruptcy and debt reorganization can be the most productive financial decision for many struggling with repayment of past debts.

Truck accidents: Popular taco truck hit from behind

Multiple people were injured in a recent tractor-trailer accident on a California highway. The collision involved both personal and commercial vehicles, including the 18-wheeler operated by the driver who apparently caused the accident, and a popular local taco truck. At least one person was seriously injured, which is not uncommon for truck accidents involving big rigs. 

Multiple motor vehicle accidents blamed on YouTuber

California police say that a YouTube star was recently involved in two separate car wrecks, the second of which was deadly. Speed was believed to be a factor in the second collision, although it is possible that there were also other contributing factors. Authorities are still investigating both of the motor vehicle accidents. 

Do small medical bills contribute to Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Getting medical care for an illness or injury is often necessary, but expensive. Many people in California still pay significant out-of-pocket costs even when they have insurance. Although these debts may be relatively small -- sometimes as little as a couple hundred dollars -- they can still leave people in difficult financial straits. In some cases, Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be necessary for debtors to truly achieve relief from their debts.  


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