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August 2018 Archives

Motor vehicle accidents: 1 dead, several others injured in wreck

Multiple people were injured and one woman was killed after an accident on a California interstate. Authorities arrested the man they say caused the wreck and charged him with DUI, although it is not clear if he was one of the injured. These types of motor vehicle accidents are usually avoidable, which can make their outcome feel that much more tragic. 

You have options after deadly motor vehicle accidents

Two people are dead following a devastating fatal accident. Both a California police officer and an SUV driver were killed in the wreck, and the man believed to have caused the collision was injured and is apparently cooperating with police. Although the driver has not been arrested, criminal charges are not uncommon in these types of motor vehicle accidents. 

Brookstone seeks Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection -- again

Brookstone recently announced that it will close all of its stores located in shopping malls. The announcement came shortly after it filed for debt relief through Chapter 11 bankruptcy. However, the news is not all bad -- California consumers can still find Brookstone products online and in its airport locations.

Fatal motor vehicle accidents: Claims when at-fault driver dies

Only one person survived a recent accident that killed two people. California police believe that alcohol may have been a factor in the wreck. Motor vehicle accidents that involve alcohol are usually avoidable, which can make the aftermath even more devastating for victims and family members. 

Student loan borrowers can benefit from Chapter 7 bankruptcy

College is expensive, but for many people in California, not having a degree can be even more costly. Most well-paying jobs require a college degree, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars. While these loans generally cannot be discharged in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, there are a few other options for some borrowers. However, federal programs that offered relief to defrauded students may be disappearing. 


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