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July 2018 Archives

Distracted driving continues to be an issue

We have all heard about the dangers of distracted driving. Though more and more states have made it illegal to text and drive, Americans are unfortunately becoming less concerned with the risk of dangerous driving behavior. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that the number of drivers who consider drinking and driving a serious threat had dropped by 20 percent. The number of drivers who consider running a red light and texting and driving to be risky has also dropped.

Drunk driving increases chances of fatal motor vehicle accidents

For California drivers who always wear their seatbelt, keep their phones out of reach and adhere to the speed limit, it can feel infuriating to be at the mercy of negligent drivers. Drunk drivers in particular pose a serious threat to other people on the road. People driving under the influence of alcohol are not only more likely to cause motor vehicle accidents, but accidents with high risks of death.

Growing personal loans could lead to Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Borrowing against home and auto loans is much less appealing than it once was, and understandably so -- many California consumers saw the repercussions of these moves during the Great Recession. However, some people's need for quick access to cash during difficult times still exists. Personal loans are rapidly growing to meet this need, but there is a chance it could also lead toward Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Family of Melyssa Ford warn of dangers of truck accidents

All it takes is a second for tragedy to strike. This was apparently the case for reality TV star Melyssa Ford, who was recently injured in a devastating accident with an 18-wheleer. Truck accidents are no small matter, and her family chose to release images of the wreck and its aftermath to help other people in California understand just how dangerous they can be.

What to say to your spouse when you want to file for bankruptcy

If you haven't discussed bankruptcy with your spouse prior to your decision to file, it is natural to be concerned about what to say during that conversation. Bankruptcy is one of the biggest decisions a couple will struggle with and it shouldn't be handled casually. There are pros and cons to bankruptcy, but in most cases, your decision to file may be one of the smartest choices you can make about your financial future.

Motor vehicle accidents snarl traffic, send 7 to hospital

A multi-vehicle wreck sent seven people to the hospital and closed down northbound traffic on a California interstate. Officials say the driver who caused the wreck failed to brake in time to avoid the collision, although no arrests have been made. However, criminal charges are not necessary for victims seeking compensation from injuries in motor vehicle accidents.


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