Probate Administration And Litigation

When a loved one's estate must go through probate court, it can be very important for you to have the help of a lawyer to minimize the time and expense involved. It can be even more important to have the help of an experienced attorney if any disputes arise.

Riverside county probate attorneys

At Farhat Law Firm, we have extensive experience helping individuals and families with a variety of probate issues. We administer estates and help them pass through the probate process efficiently. We also help with disputes over wills and trusts. If you find yourself facing the probate process, we will guide you through each step, taking care of the legal complexities, as we know this can be a difficult time for your family. Let our firm shoulder the legal burden.

Understanding Probate

The probate system is notoriously complex, but put simply, its purpose is to transfer property from a deceased person's estate to his or her heirs and beneficiaries. If the deceased left behind a will, the court first determines if it is valid. If it is, the court will seek to transfer assets to the appropriate beneficiaries listed in the will. It will also require a final accounting of debts owed, estate taxes and other financial information. Once those issues are settled, the probate concludes.

If there is no valid will, the court distributes the estate according to state guidelines. While this may be fine for some estates, this process may not necessarily distribute estate assets and property how you would have wished. To avoid this debacle, create an estate plan well in advance so as to spare your family the difficulty of seeing your legacy distributed improperly.

At Farhat Law Firm, we help executors and families understand the legal requirements of probate. We draft forms and documents, file paperwork and attend hearings to make sure all transfers are completed appropriately. We can also provide advice on your duties as executor, taking care that you handle every detail properly.

Will Contests And Litigation

There are times when individuals or family members must challenge a will or a trust. Someone may feel their inheritance was stolen or that the executor or trustee mishandled their duties. These cases can be extraordinarily difficult, both legally and emotionally, so they call for an experienced lawyer.

Farhat Law Firm represents clients in will contests and challenges to trusts. Whether defending against allegations of misconduct or seeking to assert your inheritance rights, we seek to resolve estate disputes as efficiently and amicably as possible. Sometimes that just means getting both sides together to negotiate a compromise. In others, matters can only be decided in the courtroom. Either way, we will treat your case with compassion and respect. We know such disputes are difficult, so we always treat these cases with the sensitivity and professionalism they deserve.

Experienced In A Variety Of Probate Matters

Located in Corona, California, Farhat Law Firm represents clients from throughout the Riverside-San Bernardino area in many types of legal matters related to probate. Call us today at 800-391-9168 or email the firm to set up an appointment.