Making A Will

Making a will is an essential part of estate planning, and there are several reasons why it can make a difference for you and your heirs. If you don't have a will and would like to learn how this simple step can help you and your family, please contact an estate planning attorney at Farhat Law Firm, in Corona. We offer a full range of estate planning services to clients in Riverside and San Bernardino, and can draft a will to meet your specific estate planning needs.

Why Have A Will?


In California, if you pass away without a will, then the distribution of your estate and property will be controlled by state statutes. While those statutes are designed to be fair to family members and other heirs, they may not reflect your wishes. When you have a lawyer make a will for you, it will contain your specific instructions on how your property is divided, as well as issues such as guardians for children and burial or cremation instructions. In general, it becomes the controlling document for all end of life decisions that will make the process easier for family members and heirs.

What Is Required For A Valid Will?

The California Probate Code details requirements for a will, and hiring an attorney will ensure that the will is legally valid. The elements required include:

  • Naming an Executor: This is the individual who will manage your estate and distribution of property.
  • Listing Property and Beneficiaries: If you want heirs to receive specific types or amounts of property this must be detailed in the will to avoid conflicts or problems.
  • Assignment of a Guardian: If you have children under 18 years old, then you should assign a guardian who would be responsible for their well being.
  • Execution of the Will: The will must be signed by two witnesses over 18 years who are not heirs.
  • Age and Capacity: You must be of sound mind and over 18 years old to have a will.

When a valid will is complete, you can have peace of mind that your wishes are now written in a legal and detailed document. If you change your mind at any point, your attorney can draft amendments to your will, known as codicils. This saves the trouble of drafting a new will and retains the original validity.

Planning For Your Future

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