Planning For Your Family's Future

Planning your estate is one of the smartest moves you can make to protect your family and your wishes into the future. A skilled attorney can help you create a will to ensure that your assets are distributed the way you want them to be.

Estate Planning

At Farhat Law Firm, we help people from all walks of life create estate plans that will provide for their loved ones and favorite charities for many years to come. We work with our clients to create personalized estate planning documents such as:

We also help with probate administration and litigation. Even though it's likely too late to "create an estate plan" by the time the estate reaches probate, the principle of preserving assets and your family's wishes remains the same. Should disputes regarding the validity of the will or distribution of assets arise, we will strive to resolve them efficiently and as amicably as possible.

Making Your Wishes Known

Making a will is essential not only for your own peace of mind, but for your family's as well. There's a good reason for this: Under California law, when a person does not leave behind a will, the state comes up with an estate plan of its own. This plan follows a predetermined formula and may lead to results that are very different from what you would have wanted or what your family needs.

At Farhat Law Firm, we can help you craft a will that meets your needs and your family's circumstances. We will spend time listening to your concerns about where your property or assets could end up, and where you would like them to go. After gaining a full understanding of your estate — its assets, real property and other important heirlooms — we will create a will that conforms both to the law and to your wishes.

Trusts: Protecting Your Assets

A trust is another important type of estate planning document that allows you to put your assets in the control of a trustee, who manages them for the good of your designated beneficiaries. A trust can last for many years.

Trusts can come in many forms, in order to suit many different purposes and circumstances. In some cases, you yourself can act as trustee, managing assets during your lifetime. In others, the trust starts working only when certain conditions are met. Trusts can be used to avoid probate, provide for a charity, care for a disabled relative or meet many other goals. The possibilities vary widely depending on your specific needs and goals.

When you come to Farhat Law Firm, for help creating a trust, we want to know your wishes for the trust and how you want to care for your beneficiaries. Given our conversation, we will be able to better outline your options and help you choose the appropriate methods for achieving your goals. Together, we will work to secure your legacy long into the future.

Other Long-Term Planning Documents

Other important types of estate planning documents include powers of attorney and health care directives. These documents answer difficult questions about your guardianship and health care needs in advance, before you need them. This way, your wishes will be respected and your family members will be spared having to make these tough decisions themselves.

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