Civil Litigation

The civil litigation attorneys at Farhat Law Firm in Corona bring experience and dedication to every case they handle. The practice of civil litigation requires a blend of skills: evaluation of the facts in dispute, analysis of applicable state or federal laws, preparation of court documents and the ability to manage a court trial if necessary. This complex process requires a lawyer who is comfortable both at the negotiating table and in the courtroom, where a resolution can be reached on behalf of the client.

The Role Of The Attorney In Civil Litigation

In business and real estate, there is always the potential for disputes between parties involved in a transaction or project. The best solution is to find agreement without legal action, but sometimes this is not possible. When you bring the case to a lawyer, he or she will give you an opinion on the potential outcome as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your position. This evaluation may affect how the lawsuit is handled, as well as any potential settlement negotiations. At Farhat Law Firm, we will give you an honest assessment of your case and the possible legal avenues available. When it comes time to initiate litigation, you will be well-informed about each step and what to expect as your case proceeds.

The Litigation Process

Whether you are the one taking action or another party is looking to you for a remedy, you must follow the court procedures established in California for civil lawsuits. Your attorney will know which papers must be filed and when, including all supporting documents and information about the case. These initial steps allow each party to evaluate the other's position and discuss potential solutions without going any further in litigation. If this does not succeed, the case may proceed to trial, where all facts and applicable law will be heard and the issue decided by the court.

Experienced Representation On Your Side

In civil litigation, you want to have an attorney who knows the court processes as well as the area of law that will control the outcome. At Farhat Law Firm, we have a background in California civil litigation matters that will ensure that your case is handled with skill and attention, seeking the best outcome for you. If you are involved in a conflict, please contact us at 800-391-9168 to discuss how we can begin a civil action to find the solution that you need.