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When you are beginning a business enterprise, one of the key decisions is the legal structure to use and how to comply with specific rules and requirements. Some considerations may focus on tax issues, family interests or other business partners, but in any case, this decision requires careful evaluation and the assistance of an accomplished business formation attorney. Farhat Law Firm has the business attorneys you need for expert advice, analysis and ongoing oversight of your business structure's legal requirements. You receive more than legal counsel when you are our client; you also have a trusted partner to advise you for the life span of your business.

Types Of Business Structures

Depending on the kind of business and number of owners or investors involved, several primary legal structures are used in California. Each has advantages and drawbacks, and your attorney can inform you of how these may affect you. The
most often used business structures are:

  • Sole proprietor: Used most often for an individual operating a business alone
  • General partnership: When two or more individuals agree to share the effort in a business either equally or according to an agreement
  • Limited partnership: Used when some partners may be less active, but still retain an ownership or investment interest
  • Limited liability company or partnership: Similar to a partnership, but functions more like a corporation for tax and ownership purposes
  • Corporation: The most formal legal structure with many rules and requirements to protect shareholders and ensure fair dealing

All of these structures will affect how one runs a business and the rights and responsibilities of others involved. There can be considerable tax effects as well and that should be taken into account prior to business formation. If you have never begun a business or are unsure of the best structure for you, an attorney at Farhat Law Firm can discuss all of the alternatives available to you.

Your business formation lawyer will consult with you on all aspects of business formation such as taxation, communication with partners or shareholders, state regulatory requirements, employee contracts and operating needs. We are prepared to be your ongoing business and legal adviser to make your enterprise as successful as possible. Please contact us today at 800-391-9168 for a consultation.